Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself!!!!!

in the Lord.
Well I'm not sure if my langauge was really the Lord's, but I just made this song called "I'm not broke!" It goes "I'm not broke(4x), I'm Rich (bitch), I'm rich, I'm rich!!!
So that "b" word part, not sure is was so holy, but it all got me through this break down, downward spiral/ wake up call I had today. Totally sucked. I was just tired of being broke financially, which can make ya sometimes feel broke inside like all your work and effort isn't amounting to anything.

I had a lil talk with my Mom, and she was like get a damn job!! err..a 2nd one. Cause I already have one at Bimbo's but it doesn't pay enough. I don't make enough to save much anything "Just keep your mind or Paris and work for that."

This was before my song epiphany, though. So on the next tab on my screen I've got a whole job list open. I just needed to vent. I can't keep this stress on my chest.

So I'm in a cafe and i needed to get my headphones. On the way, I made that song. Whole lot better.

Thanks Ma for your help.

Here's another song I made the day b4 yesterday...they all mush togehter.
I heard a marching band while i was on the bus, and it inspred me to make this:

That's all for the moment. I might perform these tomorrow.......Oh!!! I've got a new band (we still need a bass player though) and we all just met for the first time last night. And it was great! Well I met Michael the other day. I yelled to him out of my back window something like " I need a band!" He plays flute.

Anyway, time to get paid!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The day got better!

Before it got better, I did make this song before I left the house. I was feeling pretty bummed, like where the heck am I headed? What am I doing anything for? It's called "I'm Bored"
(I'm not used to singing and playing the guitar too much so don't judge me, lol)

As the day continued on I made two more songs ( they don't have titles or lyrics yet). I did vow to do a song a day. Well I have...for the most part. Sometime 2 or 3; sometimes none. I just haven't been posting them. So they're coming. Enjoy....

Any freestyler should get a lil free over this... ( i feel like I sound so corny saying that, LOL)..4 reall I had my Aunt Money freestylin' at the Common concert once. So good! If she can do it.....

Well that's it for now.
(I still feel a little vulnerable posting my songs/ audio. Good thing I guess)
I really wanna go to Paris!
I'm going I'm going I'm going.....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Everyday is a new day....

I 'm so bored tho. So I made this song about being bored. Check it....

I guess it's this friggin SF weather. It is July and it is always cold and cloudy! I can't take this anymore. Grey evryday. I just want a little bit of heat. I hate the cold!
Lol I'm really complaing here. geez.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Been preparing for a shizow! Come one! Come all!

Sundy Bess' "Come on In my Kitchen" tour VIDEO screening and installation this weekend here:

The video will be apart of an installation, documenting the musical tour of Kitchens that Sundy Bess has been playing since mid April, 2010. As the band regroups from a lot of busyness we wanted to share the love and success of our travels with you in this group exhibition at the wonderful Tedda Hughes Gallery and Boutique.

This is my first time screening our footage! Wowsaz~!
See you there!!!...and in hopefully in your kitchen too!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Been awhile....a week.

Happy belated 4th. This weekend has been a lot of fun! Tell you more about it in a sec. Right now, I'm seated in this cafe (....Starbucks, shhh don't tell my educated arty friends. lol) looking for another job, and sorting out somethings online...Saying "hello" to you! As I was signing online this video popped up, and I thought it'd be great to have a radio station for kids in Baltimore...for local people everywhere. They are sponsored by Starbucks, so I'm assuming that would make it easier for their band with to reach pretty far and come in clear. SFAI some needs to step it up a notch, with or without Starbucks (though I'm sure we'd never want that). Here's this video...and oh! I DO still have those daily songs. (on the way to post) ( I feel so corny posting this up, but whatever. It's relevant creative info) I just HAD to post SOMETHING. It's been so long