Monday, June 28, 2010

On to the next...

I was so pent up that I just made a whole song. I decided to do one song a day.
lol. I'll post it later today

On to the next? Yes!

Ok, worked two nights at Bimbo's two nights in a row. It was cool. It was an old old band singing old covers. Giving ol folks tips....which was great.
But I really could use some discipline in saving and spending wisely, or else it's not worth the work. Advice anyone?

Yesterday was Young Adult day at church. It was really great message. One that really let me know I'm not and can't afford to act like a kid anymore. It's time to stand up and really show out! It's time out for all the fear n all that. That has held me back soooo much. So tired of being scared. It makes you sit on your talent, and that's not cool. I'm starting to consider that some of the content of the artwork that I've been doing and have done in school, was kinda safe, in a way. I'm starting to feel like i need to create something with more flavor, impact, and boom!
Something that I feel so deep in my soul that the only way to really live is to create it and let it out. I think some of my artwork has been a little timid, and I'm not really satisfied with that too much.

So now since yesterday , this passion to propel forward and reach all the stars with my name on it has been festering in me, until I do something about it. I'm totally ready dude!

I trust God will guide all the way and as given me what I need, just need to use it NOW!

K. Expect some great things on the way very soon! and at the very least some steps in that direction. ( i need to post this blog to a bigger audience)
...Keeping my head up!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get it, Lord!

So in my cover letter I mentioned that working there as a waitress would enhance my art and career because it relates to the art work ("come on in my kitcken" know) I am currently involved in.

And so goes it!
I'm working here now! Check it out!

$$$ yes!

Today was good!

  • I made $40 selling my old clothes! girl is still looking 4 a job, tho.
  • Final Cut pro worked perfectly without one mess up, for me, today (Which is a complete miracle)!
  • Met up with "Elle Terraval" of The House of MUNI (which is the SF public transportation system) to consider dressing in drag or doing some other crazy performance.
  • Later, at choir rehearsal we were all reminded that we are "covered!", with the help of this crazy drum beat. It sounded like DC go-go music. It was on n poppin, tonight. Praise the Laaaaaaaawd!

    Ready to go to bed now, but I had to post something, after not posting awhile.
    So hear I am!... and I'm soon to go; to beddie bye.

    But first a little from Sundy Bess: "Out of the Kitchen Tour - Live at Bolinas Museum" Full (Unedited) Recording from this weekend's performance at the Bolinas Museum.

    Major thanks to Clare Rojas and Barry McGee!!! That was a great show! and it was awesome to connect with you both!!
Also Big Thanks to my beautiful friend Michelle - We wouldn't have made it there if it weren't for her. Thank you! Lol...she was also the photographer, and assistant sound engineer on this gig. Lol oh these titles!
Even more thanks to the cooks for this gig; Janella and Shelby! They made really good dumplings!
Thanks John Thomas for shooting video...again!
You actually do need a crew for these things, huh? YES!
Thanks Lisa n Sergio! You two are awesome!
LOl why am I giving shout outs?! I don't even have blog followers....yet. lol

Honestly, I'm kinda shy to post this blog somewhere more public, like facebook er something. It's so personal at times...most times. So... I'll figure it out.

I'm kinda nervous to post this recording, for whatever reason. Maybe cause the drums are low in the recording or I think I need voice work. Aaaaaw too blessed right? Well, "I'll give it over to the Lord..." lol

Regardless, we really had a great time this past Saturday! 4 real! That was an extremely beautiful day!!! Great veggie dinner and beer on the beach. Finches and humming birds flying close by as we played. A SOUND GUY! YES! FINALLY! It's all about the journey, man! The journey is the point. It's the best!
Aaaaaand! we totally got paid and it was awesome to meet Barry McGee! and Clare Rojas. They are totally sweet, and are fans of ours now!! Yeah!!!!
I can't wait for the next show!

More to come (ooooooooooooof course!) soon!

I gotta admit, it's petty amazing to see how far my voice has taken me (and some other people). Like really! It's kinda crazy. What was meant for my downfall has totally flipped, and there's one who get's the credit for that. And this is just the very, very beginning. Just think of where this gift will take me (us all.....use yours!) in a year...shoot, gimme 6 months.


(more on Clare and Barry)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mmmm my coffee sho is good!!

It's the only thing that gets me awake on these early summer monrings(My aunt thinks I have an addiction...I decline). Well there's that and World famous Barry McGee was standing there listening to my band's (Sundy Bess) performance this past weekend at Queens Nails Annex. Oh I didn't tell you bout that show did I? I know, It's been a busy week and weekend. Very eventful. Very fun!! flyers or nothing. Sorry.
CBack to Barry McGee for a moment. He's shown everywhere. The first time I saw his work I was about 16 or 17 years old, in New York on a class trip to visit NY museums. Barry's work was in the MOMA NYC. The first time in my life I had personally seen graffiti-style work in a museum...displayed seriously in that environment (it was always outside for me. Anyway, just an amazing sense of journey because I came to San Francisco with a graffiti inspired portfolio of 2-D work and came out of school majoring in New Genres, focusing on performance.....and Barry McGee sees me sing, Lisa ripping, and Sergio drumming! Just cool!
Here's a sample of his work:



and we thought this past Friday at Queens Nails was our last show. Ha!

God is good!!! Whatever your passion and hearts dream aspiration KEEP PUSHING, WITH FAITH, for it will come to pass. His promises WILL come to pass!! He will pour you out a blessing so much that you will not room enough to receive it. Thank you God!
totally unexpected!

So the show on saturday is at Bolinas Museum! You can check out details on the Barry McGee and (his wife) Clare Rojas exhibition this Saturday. We will perform after Clare Rojas, who in addition to painting performs. If you're in town come on out! You know it's gonna be amazing!

Here's the link:

K. and these are just a few photos from Friday's video group show "OCD" at Queen's Nails Annex (June 11, 2010) (Thanks Susan!!! Thanks Tomo - He served up Lisa's good fried rice!!)

(That's me, Lisa, and Sergio)

(There Barry McGee, below, with the light behind his head!)


Monday, June 7, 2010

I made it!!!!

Ok, so right here I'm thinking of how proud my family is to see me finally walk across that stage, and my mom is crying.... and I'm hoping this lady (Clair Daigle) doesn't flip my name card to the side where I wrote "Michelle Obama" ha ha. I should have wrote "Claire Daigle".

TODAY! I'm beginning my graduate blog! Just a month ago TicTic Boom exploded on the lovely day of May 15, 2010 aka my graduation!! (GO! SFAI....we never do that there, do we? rep our click? shame. anyway....) It's been nearly a month since then and I've been trying to catch a break since then. Though it's still been somewhat busy, I at least got a week in and weekend to chill with the homies. Soooooo very much needed!! Now I'm back on it with a show to prepare for that opens this Friday (flyer coming soon...I hope). It's at Queen's Nails Annex in the Mission here n SF,CA. Gonna be really fun!!! Epecially cause there's no heavy critque right after you show your soul. Phew! Talk about waiting to exhale. The exhalation has been AWESOME!!
I still freak out a little, cause I still hope my work is really good. But after just typing that it I starting to feel that need has started to float away. I just intend for the art to be soul fulfilling. If that's what happens, all that happens, its perfect. Ready to release again!! Sang girl!!!

Anyway. The last blog was the beginning of the end. Dis heeah! is the BEGINNING!

(he he! Renee Green was great! )