Monday, September 20, 2010

While I was writing a lettter to France...

K, I should be finishing up my letter to a collective in France but I wondered if this worked, adn it does! a little let but enjoy. I'm a little embarrased, cause think I'm still kinda shy in this vid, but whateva. I did it. I'm also thinking about ending or at least post-poning this band to figure out what it is that I really really want; to go to France of course, but also what am I gonna do in France and what's gonna get me there. OM. Needing more clarity with this music thing. Ah! Oh yeah! Give it to God. K, I'm rambling a bit.

Ok so you click the (play) button. Then click (pause). Then let the whole thing load. I think this will help the video not to be choppy. My friends have helped me shoot it : Janella, Rye, Karla, and John Thomas. I edited it myself. Let me know what you think! Thanks

Sundy Bess' Come On In My Kitchen Tour from Kelli Ryan on Vimeo.

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